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Hi, Leisse Wilcox
Ready to close the gap between your self worth and net worth? Keep reading.

2024 represents a fresh perspective on finances and changing your relationship to money. This in turn, has the power to transform your relationship to life as well. With that said, there’s something very potent to discuss that can guide you on this finance journey: Financial Vision Boards.

The brain is  fascinating – it cannot differentiate between reality and non-reality – you know, like a “vision” or dream. 

So we can game our own system by feeding our mind positive images, narratives, visions, intentions, and goals, to flood our unconscious mind and make it feel like it’s already our reality.

Badass, right?

A financial vision board takes this concept and gears it towards financial goals, pricing strategies, and intention setting. It highlights the profound power of positive imagery tied to financial goals and directs our unconscious mind to manifest those goals into reality.

Think of it as programming your mind for success – but using a specific visual tool to get you there.

Creating an annual vision board is one thing, and breaking it down per quarter is another game-changer. Having quarterly checkpoints engages your focus, offers a sense of achievement, and tracks your progress more closely. 

These quarterly touchpoints have both your financial goals and feelings attached, allowing you to cultivate your own definition of success right from the start of the year.

With your feelings-centric vision board in place, it’s important to have a concrete revenue goal. Combining these two elements would require you to:

1. Declare what your income or revenue goal is.

2. Decide how many clients or customers you need.

3. Divide your income target by the number of clients to determine your rate or price per client.

This simple strategy provides a pathway to your financial goal while incorporating each client’s value into the calculation.

Financial Vision Boards are potent tools in mastering wealth. By picturing and strategizing our financial targets into quarterly goals, we can construct a path to financial freedom without the daunting intimidation of a huge, single end-of-year target. By using our mind’s inability to differentiate reality from unreality, we populate our vision boards to help us achieve our financial dreams in manageable, realistic increments.

It’s time to dominate 2024 with our personal, tailor-made financial vision boards. I invite you to craft yours and witness the transformation it brings to your finances and your life. So buckle up because the journey to financial freedom is about to get real!

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [0:55] What it looks like for my brain in November
  • [2:22 What is Financial Vision Boarding
  • [8:27] Setting the feeling vs. setting goals
  • [11:29] A goal as a singular moment
  • [14:18] Creating the board
  • [18:10] Feedback from clients
  • [24:14] Creating a sense of safety
  • [26:47] The implications of setting your rates

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