Truth and beauty in the relationship you have with yourself and others.

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Relationship (definition): 
the state of being connected.

I am obsessed with relationships - the meaningful connections we all long to feel in our business, family, and intimate lives. 

Why do they elude us, and why do 
they so often feel out of reach?

Because being a human is hard.

And our relationships — across each and every area of our life — are built on the foundation of the relationship we have with ourself: who WE are as individuals, and the degree to which we feel comfortable (or not) to embrace that, showing fully as our most genuine selves.

Nobody teaches how to do this.
Nobody teaches us how to love.
Nobody teaches us how to feel.

We just have to figure it out.

It is that simple, it is that complicated.

The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself, and is the lens through which all your other relationships are created.

Are you ready to courageously embody the relationships you can’t stop dreaming about?


Not just another f*cking coach.

I want to talk about relationships all day - and not just the surface level stuff. 

I want to know what you long for, what lights you up, what scares the hell out of you, what patterns or old and limiting stories and decisions you’re holding onto but can’t quite put your finger on.

I want to know what makes you think you can. 
What makes you think you can’t. 

Who you are at your core without feeling you need to be defined by (or perform for) any of the other titles and accolades your high-achieving self has worked for all this time.

I want to know what is blocking you from calling in exactly the kind of loving partnership, peaceful family, work dynamics, and playful friendships you know are possible, but can’t quite seem to find - or maintain.

I want to know who hurt you, who brought you hope, and show you how to tenderly integrate each and every one of those experiences in a safe and meaningful way, backed up by lifestyle-friendly inspired action to help you break old patterns and inter-generational cycles to feel the joy, peace, comfort, pleasure, and FUN you are oh. So. Worthy. Of making your own.

My name is Leisse (think: new “Leisse” on life) Wilcox and I am a life strategist and two-time bestselling author with an expertise in finding the truth + beauty in the relationship you have with yourself + others.

Let me be super honest with you: 
I am here for the real-deal impact. 

As a top Master Transformational Mindset and Success coach specializing in human connection, best-selling author, dynamic (and TedX) speaker, podcast host, mumsy of three girls, taco enthusiast who lived to tell the tale after cancer, abuse, and divorce…

…I have a style of mentorship grounded in the kind of deep wisdom that only comes from lived, learned, and earned experience, backed up by a ton of research and education and a great sense of humour.

THIS IS WHAT I’ve been looking for

“ Know Thyself”


Read this FREE chapter from my bestselling book —

How to Face the Fear of Getting What You Want 

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Start by choosing yourself —

A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Love

I’m ready to be ready

The missing piece no one is telling you about —

Creative Visualization — Guided Meditation

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How To Be a Human: the Podcast with Leisse Wilcox

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Nothing will be good enough for you until YOU are good enough for you

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What it really feels like to get divorced

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How to make your relationship thrive

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What it really feels like to get divorced

How We Can Work Together

Breakthrough Day Experience

Create a safe, trusting, and sacred container for you to be seen, heard, and held in your truth without fear of judgement or repercussion. There is literally nothing you can say that will cause me to reject, project, judge, dismiss, or dislike you in any way: this is a beautiful and confidential container for you to have someone vested in your emotional health and wellbeing, and success in all relationships, bear powerful witness to your experience; the good, the not so good, and every shadowy or seemingly unrelated part in between.

Become the Vision You Can’t Stop Dreaming About —

One Day. Epic Shift.Lasting Transformation.

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Six Month 
Private Mentorship

The blessing and the curse of being a highly capable person is that you can do. It. All. Which is exhausting – and asking for help to figure out your own, very human stuff, can feel a little vulnerable or even frightening.

Working with me one on one for six months is a really special process. It’s an honour for me to be your guide and mentor, effectively walking you home to yourself and creating the foundational framework from which you build all subsequent relationships in business, life, and love and it will most likely feel like “actionable therapy” for you. 

The gift of feeling seen —

Actionable Therapy For Your Relationship With Work, Life, and Love.

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Find Your Flow

I get it - all of the above sounds really wonderful - and really intimidating. When that fear - not intuition, but actual fear - pops up to tell you “this isn’t possible, you can’t have this, you’re not even worth it, this won’t really work, you’ll spend a bunch of money and have nothing to show for it…” I’d recommend starting with a Find Your Flow call with me.

Rapid insights on what is happening in your life right now — 

A safe space to be seen and tap into your own natural wisdom of what to do next.

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“She dives into the hard stuff and helps find a way to move freely toward the good stuff.”


Juno Award Winning Musician
Atlanta, Georgia

I am grateful to have found a coach/mentor who speaks my language. Leisse gave me tools that made a notable shift in my life on the first day of our private sessions. She listened, she HEARD and downloaded information that I put to use the minute we ended our call.

I love simplicity. I remember asking, “can it really be this simple?” and her answer with that hearty laugh of hers was, “yes, it can be that simple.

Leisse isn’t just sunshine and butterflies. She dives into the hard stuff and helps find a way to move freely toward the good stuff.

“Leisse has great enthusiasm and a very caring countenance that is easy to trust and helps you make great strides quickly.”


Award-winning actor and spokesperson
Los Angeles, California

I have built my personal life and career with coaching.
This has been the best.

My journey with Leisse has been one of great distance. Through guided exercises, I have been able to get an exploded diagram view of what I’m made of my past, my circumstances, my weaknesses, my strengths.

This has given me great insight and many tools to look at literally everything in a new light. 

I am refreshed, emboldened and more grounded than I have ever been.

Leisse has great enthusiasm and a very caring countenance that is easy to trust and helps you make great strides quickly. 

“Leisse radiates energy and creates a comfortable, safe space for your time to unfold exactly as needed by you.”


Top Realtor
Toronto, Canada

This breakthrough day experience is the kindest gift you can give yourself. I left feeling stronger and clearer then i imagine a year of counselling and a week at a spa could do.

I joined cautiously, uncertain, skeptical with a dash of overthinking...I left feeling peace in my heart, lighter, carrying less baggage and instead carrying my values and boundaries to apply as I work toward my best life.

Leisse radiates energy and creates a comfortable, safe space for your time to unfold exactly as needed by you. Life is about our own authentic story and this 8hr session was like having my own personal editor helping me uncover my writer block and how to change the story. 

Not just another f*cking coach.

Ready to find truth + beauty in the relationship you have to yourself + others?



It’s about to get raw & vulnerable.


My new conscious relationship book is here! Alone: The Truth + Beauty of Belonging is a love letter to anyone and everyone who’s ever felt the slow-burning sting of being alone and wondered what the hell to do about it. How to be single, how to be a parent, how to be an entrepreneur, how […]


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A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Love

My top five practices that I put into place when I began the long road home to myself. 

Great relationships are built on the foundation of the relationship we have with ourselves. But choosing to “just love yourself” tends to be a lot easier said than done.

It feels like you need a PhD just to begin pulling back the layers of “stuff” you’ve been building up, avoiding, and hiding behind for years.

I get it. Intimately. I’ve been there, done that, hid behind pain, and racked up all the miles on my journey to love myself… and call myself ‘beloved’.

Investing in the emotional work is easier than it sounds when you don’t have to walk this journey alone. 


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Ready to love—like, really-deeply-intentionally-forever LOVE—yourself?

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