Are you a kickass woman who's out there making waves with your passion and creativity, but deep down secretly feels that sneaky pang of anxiety every time money enters the picture?

Hey there,



Passion, the creativity, and the drive to build your dreams

Guess what? You're not alone. I see you hustling, creating, and giving it your all, but that tiny voice in the back of your mind keeps popping up to hold you back from fully embracing the success you deserve.

Fret not! I've got something magical that will change the game for you –

But when it comes to money, those pesky self-sabotaging beliefs just won't let you be.

Loving Money

Loving Money: 7 Days to Transform Your Self-Sabotaging Limiting Beliefs About Money into Sustainable Success

I'm Leisse Wilcox

With almost a decade of experience as a strategic life and business coach, I've witnessed far too many extraordinary women just like you struggle to recognize their true value. But guess what? I'm here to change that narrative!

Let's dive into "Loving Money" – a simple, trauma-informed approach that will unleash your true financial potential and create a life of abundance.

consider me your guide and confidante on this transformative journey

Picture this:

After just 7 days, you'll emerge with a renewed sense of freedom and abundance. Say goodbye to undercharging or overspending, and kiss those judgments, doubts, anxieties, and fears around money and worthiness goodbye. Together, we'll break free from the old stories and patterns holding you back, so you can co-create an abundant reality with money as your ally, supporting your every dream.

What You'll Accomplish:


This was such an amazing experience to work though. The pace was great and the content blew my mind.

Serial Entrepreneur

Banish Self Sabotage


Unshackle From Money Stress


Embrace Unshakeable Confidence


Unapologetically value yourself and your offerings. Bid adieu to money stress dominating your mental health and welcome a sense of freedom and ease.

Ignite Your Inner Spark


Discover the power of self-love, acceptance, and unshakable confidence, paving the way for outward success. Confidently charge what you deserve and receive it with open arms.

Create Abundance


No more holding back or doubting yourself. We'll wipe out those limiting beliefs that have been whispering in your ear for too long.

Wave farewell to constant anxiety about money. Say hello to financial freedom and mental peace.

No more feeling like you're failing yourself and your family. By aligning your net-worth with your self worth, you'll manifest more opportunities and higher pay – all on your terms, without outdated advice made for someone else (cough, The Patriarchy).

A Symphony of Success Stories

Imagine yourself as the protagonist of a yet-to-be-written Taylor Swift song...

...breaking free from limiting beliefs and dancing towards a future filled with financial freedom and abundance. Just like countless other women I have seen before you, you'll flourish and thrive after embracing your relationship with money. "Loving Money" will transform you from feeling burned out and unfulfilled to reveling in the joy of success and financial security – and guess what? You're next! It’s your turn.

Invest in Yourself

For only $197 USD, you'll receive a lifetime of empowerment. Imagine, in just 7 days, you'll unlock a new chapter of your life, where money is no longer a source of fear or stress but a tool that supports your dreams. Let go of anxiety and worrying about money all the time, and embrace a life of empowerment and freedom.

Plus, when you finish the course, you'll be invited to become an official Loving Money Affiliate Ambassador, earning cash back on every friend you refer. Boo yah.

Join the Movement

It's time to reclaim your worth, rewrite your money story, and release the burdens that have been holding you back. Embrace the magic of "Loving Money" and come home to a place of financial freedom and emotional ease.

You're not alone in this journey

I'm here with you, your entrepreneurial sisters are here with you, and together, we're rising above the glass financial ceiling to embrace a life of abundance and financial freedom with these foundational steps.

Your dreams deserve nurturing and support, and you have the power to co-create the life you desire. 

Ready to let this be the opportunity you've been waiting for?


But when it comes to money, those pesky self-sabotaging beliefs just won't let you be.

Yours in financial freedom,