The Sunshine Club Hybrid Mastermind

Intensive multi-month, curated Mastermind containers of 5-10 like-intentioned women who share a similar value system and outlook on life, and are ready to get unstuck, stop playing small, and feel supported while they expand into their fullest and most genuine potential.

change your relationship to money / increase your revenue / finally stop playing small

In the Expansion sessions Masterminds

My intention and promise to you? To safely guide you in letting yourself shine bright, ask for more, and prepare to receive it.

To do this, I create a safe and sacred, comfortable and confidential container for you to be seen, heard, cared for, and challenged to go deeper than you’ve gone before, so you can truly embody your own unique expansion.

(which enables you to strengthen your connection to everyone else) while defining and maintaining beautiful, healthy boundaries and next-level communication skills that allow you to be who you are…with a renewed skillset of actionable tools to help navigate this giant curve ball called life.

We work together to create massive clarity, cultivate a deep confidence, embody your courage, and strengthen your connection to your Self

Using my...

  • Master level NLP / EFT training
  • Master Mindset and Success certification
  • Trauma informed healing modalities
  • Inner child and somatic healing
  • Tapping
  • Creativity 
  • Specialites in intimacy and abundance coaching
  • Breathwork certification
  • Finely tuned intuition
  • Deep emotional intelligence
  • 40+ years of earned wisdom
  • Authenticity and integrity 
  • No BS approach
I help you to identify and heal the limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, and self-sabotaging patterns that have to date prevented you from finding what it is you say you want:

  • Balance
  • Success
  • Joy
  • Fulfillment
  • Emotional wealth
  • Happiness

In your relationships with your partner, money, children, family of origin, career…and yourself.


"I worked with Leisse because was feeling a little overwhelmed, and I needed a mentor to walk me through conquering the inner demons I had that I did not even know were holding me back. I wanted to work with someone who’s already walked through the fire - physically, emotionally, and spiritually."

— Jo Portia Mayari / Sexual Wealth Coach, Oakland

My Mastermind clients are

Bright, driven, compassionate women who have something to share and something to learn

My Masterminds are for you if you are done with feelings of...

  • Isolation - emotionally, mentally, or creatively
  • Being unseen in who you truly are, or feeling that you have to hide the parts of you that make you so unique
  • Frustration and uncertainty of accountability to yourself in following through on what you say you want
  • Burn out and exhaustion from trying to do it right all of the time - without the freedom of making a mistake
  • Undervalued in what you know you have to offer
  • Overwhelmed by trying to "stay realistic" and hold it all together
  • Connection and a sense of belonging with like-valued and supportive women who generously encourage and support you to really go for it, stop playing small, and expand into a fuller version of your Self
  • An opportunity to safely take up space, speak your mind, heart, and truth in a forward-moving way that has practical and actionable momentum within a manageable timeline
  • Permission to ask for more — and receive it
  • A deep sense of satisfaction knowing that you contributed to something “more,” for yourself and others, that will have a lasting, rippled effect on the world at large, simply by choosing to trust yourself and say yes
  • Expansion beyond “the checklist” of how it’s supposed to be, and uncovered the life that was meant to be
  • The right time to confidently share your story and be SEEN for whom you are - without the fearful need to stay small

Or if you have been looking for...


"After working with Leisse it feels so much easier to run my business. I am making decisions with ease and confidence that used to cause so much anxiety and unrest: It’s like my inner critic just...went away."

Tracy / Creative Director, Toronto


As the facilitator of The Expansion Sessions Group Masterminds, I imagine I am building a table, and filling each seat at that table with women who are both:

  • Inspired and inspiring
  • Curious and engaged
  • Passionately aware that they have something to learn and something to teach

There is no room for ego, and lots of room for the effervescence that comes from the excitement of possibility.

What I bring to the table is years of experience as a results-focused and strategic life coach with a 100% success rate in finding:

  • Clarity in what you want
  • Confidence in who you are
  • And the courage to stay true to both

Sacred Community

Countless experiences in my almost 40 years of friendships, mentors, personal and professional relationships left me inclined to believe that “women supporting women” makes a great Instagram caption... but when it comes down to the practice of actually, you know, supporting women, often it’s a different reality.

The stomach-dropping reality for me was, for a long time, my deep unconscious beliefs were that relationships with women were not safe. Outside of clients and close / chosen family, almost 100 times out of 100 they had lead to heartbreak.

And then something radically changed.

During my Master’s Level NLP Coaching certification, I connected with a group of like-valued and similar-intentioned women; collectively we created a beautifully safe and sacred space in which we felt safe to be seen and supported in our strength and vulnerability. It was magic. I knew that if I had experienced this long-standing pattern of conditionally/unpredictably supportive female relationships throughout my life…there must certainly be others:

Highly intellectual, empathic, purpose-driven, and intentional women who are hungry for more in the sacred company and expansive energy of having something to learn and something to teach.

During the Pandemic, I was consciously figuring out how I could bring these beautiful souls together and create a genuine space of connection and community, focused on the holistic development of our SELVES in an inspired, action-oriented way, that acts as a container for:

  • Wisdom sharing
  • Cultivating strong feminine energy
  • Allowing the safe and full expression of each and every member of the group

Having the opportunity to surround yourself in the company of other incredible women - giving themselves permission to be free and shine - is the amplified and expansive remedy to being able to safely and playfully expand beyond which tells you you need to stay hidden to stay safe, and lets you dance in the magic of being who you are.

And so I offer you, The Expansion Sessions Group Mastermind Programs


The tools and techniques Leisse used to support my transformation allowed me to let go of years of internalized anger and self-doubt.

"Before working with Leisse, my personal and professional lives were like a never-ending 100-meter dash. The tools and techniques Leisse used to support my transformation allowed me to let go of years of internalized anger and self-doubt. I feel so free of the emotional baggage I had been carrying around for years, which has provided me a clear path to focus on my future; it was truly life-changing." 

— Michele, VP Energy Services Toronto

Ready to join a group?

You have options

Scroll down to learn about the specific group containers that I am currently offering.


01/Unstuck Yourself

Are you ready to get unstuck? Recession proof your mindset, reframe your business, realign your life. This 6 month intensive and accelerated course for female entrepreneurs with children is designed to get you out of your head and into inspired action, with the wisdom sharing and support of a group of five like-valued and intentional individuals. In this mastermind we dig into the heart of what isn’t working in your business through a soulful, strategic, and results-driven lens to get conscious clarity and action for next steps to get unstuck and feel into abundance and genuine flow. The program starts with a preliminary half day private coaching session with me, followed by weekly 2-hour Zoom calls from January to June with me and four other like-valued women.

6 Month Group Coaching Mastermind + Private session

January - June


02/Stop Playing Small

What if THIS were the year you decided to stop playing small? This 10-month Mastermind is focused on total expansion in each of the cornerstone areas of your life to find clarity in what you want, confidence in who you are, and the courage to stay true to both. Supported in a sacred community of nine other like-valued women with a similar outlook on life via bi-weekly Zoom calls and augmented by featuring a select few guest speakers from my own personal network who bring their genius expertise to the table, you will feel completely free to see and be seen, and putting an end to the narrative that you’re intimidating, not enough, or otherwise “too much,” this intensive group program culminates at a speaking event at which each member has the opportunity to tell her story on stage in front of a live audience.

10 Month Group Coaching Mastermind + speaking event

September - June

Unstuck yourself

6 Month Group Coaching Mastermind + Private session

This group coaching program plus private 1:1 session is for female entrepreneurs with children. I created this container because in the society that I live in,

Women are expected to work as if they aren’t raising children, and raise children as if they aren’t working.

And as someone who IS a female entrepreneur with children, I can attest INTIMATELY to the weight carried by running a family and running a business, before, during, and after the pandemic - including six and a half years’ worth of being single and solo parenting.

I get it.
I feel it.
I get YOU.
I feel YOU.
I SEE you.

I don’t care if your kids are age 2, 12, 22, or 32: each age and stage of childhood demands new stage of motherhood, and - just like entrepreneurship - can be isolating in its own rite. It takes a special kind of person to "do it all," and a brave kind of do-it-all-er to pause and ask for the right kind of help, or for her experience to be witnessed. This self-awareness and bravery can take you out of isolation and overwhelm and put you back into flow with your unique talents and genius zones, empowering you to create the life and business of your wildest dreams.
With the Unstuck Yourself group Mastermind program, I’m taking five female entrepreneurs on an intensive six-month journey designed to get unstuck and back into flow, staying focused on results while incorporating many of the tools in my arsenal for private clients, giving this a unique feel of inspired and therapeutic action.

Unstuck Yourself is a program that offers a sacred space that feels like a hybrid model of private and group coaching, in which we can explore one on one the values, beliefs, and patterns that are specific to you, while also gathering as a sacred community of like-intentioned women who are looking for support in living a life that feels balanced and joyful again.

Together we’ll explore your values, unconscious belief structures, and go-to self sabotaging patterns, then strategize how to change your:

  • Outlook on abundance and the fallacy of “the struggle”
  • Relationship to money and hard work
  • Addiction to / codependency with work
  • Coping mechanisms for trying to do it all right, right now

This Experience Includes

  • Transformational six month Mastermind
  • Private Half Day Session with me
  • Weekly 2-hr Zoom Calls
  • January to June group support


Investment: $15,000

Two payment plan options.
A BONUS full day Money Breakthrough Day will be available as part of the Bonus Payment Plan option.


"Leisse has a way of helping you connect with your underlying thoughts and emotions while still helping you move the problem forward.

I worked with Leisse because I wanted to get clear on my relationship with work and money. Almost six months to the day after our Breakthrough Day (and continued check-ins) I was offered a dream job that allows me to live the life I want, support my lifestyle and gets me excited to wake up and work every day. Leisse has a way of helping you connect with your underlying thoughts and emotions while still helping you move the problem forward. If you’re trying to figure out why you keep hitting up against a wall in the same area of your life, Leisse can help!"

— Megan, Lawyer and Non-Profit Chair, NYC

Stop Playing Small

10 Month Group Coaching Mastermind + Speaking Event

  • Work and money
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Partnership + family dynamics
  • Health + wellness
  • Spirituality + faith
  • Boundaries + self love/trust/acceptance

Together we’ll dive deep into what expansion and the end of playing small looks like for you in the context of:

My promise to you - in this sacred container - is that in 10 months you will:


Be safely guided to let your Self shine bright, ask for more, and be prepared to receive it.


Stand on a stage in a beautiful venue with your Expansion Sisters and be seen and heard as you OWN your truth and triumphs.


Have had a life-changing experience that takes you out of playing small, and fully supports you to be awakened in the magic of who you are.

My promise to you is that when you are ready to commit to yourself in expanding beyond the fears that have held you back and trapped you in playing small,

you will come out on the other side - in less than a year - to feel fully seen, awakened, refreshed and recharged, excited about what’s to come while dwelling in the intoxicating feeling of magic and possibility.

— I pinky swear —

This Experience Includes

  • Transformational 10 Month Mastermind
  • Bi-Weekly 2-hr Zoom Calls
  • September to June group support
  • Live speaking event in Toronto


Investment: $15,000

This session is currently sold out; book a chemistry call to apply for 2023/24.


You have questions, I have answers. Click the plus signs below to see my answers to frequently asked questions.

Is there a guarantee?

In short? Yes.

Working with me is an investment in yourself, with respect to your energy, time, and financial commitments. When you are ready to go all in on yourself, I am ready to go all in with you, too. That level of shared commitment, rooted in conscious intentions with a focus on long term results while doing the deep work means that I guarantee if you try, you will succeed.

Are there any prerequisites? 

Yes: trust, a vested interest in knowing your potential, and a dedication to take the leap to go all in.

Usually people who work with me have done some kind of therapy, coaching, or both before, and have reached the point at which they’re not sure if “it works,” but are willing to give it one more chance. Those tend to be the same people who did not feel appropriately seen or heard last time they hired a coach, and felt like even if it felt good at the time, something still felt missing. The prerequisite to working with me is the unwavering feeling that you were made for more, and you’re willing to do what it takes to unleash that true self, and fulfill your soulful purpose - even if you don’t know what that is, or how.

When you trust yourself to trust me, you can make the informed decision to make the leap at this wild point of your journey.

How do I know you are the coach for me?

Integrity is one of my core values and it is the scaffolding of every relationship in my life, both personally and professionally. This is an industry that has, sadly, felt less than full of integrity, and I am working with a handful of other top coaches and thought leaders to bring a culture of trust, truth, and transparency back to what is at its foundation, a service-oriented industry. One of my greatest metrics of success is looking my husband and three daughters in the eye at dinner, and know unequivocally that I have made an impact on someone’s life.

A big rationale behind having the preliminary chemistry call is to give us both a sense if this is a good fit, and specifically for you to evaluate the energy of the interaction. Usually people tell me they don’t know WHY they need to work with me, they just know they need to work with ME. When you trust your gut and go with what feels good, I can promise you that you will get the results you’ve been looking for.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. Together we can discuss the option that serves you best and if you pay in full, I offer a signing bonus in gratitude.

What if I miss a call?

I record the audio and written transcription of each call, and send it out to you weekly. If you miss a call - because, life - you will still be able to hear and read what happened that week.

Can I expense this?

Yes. As a strategic life coach, while we look at you and your life holistically and integrated, much of our work focuses on your work and career path, and all of the work we do has lasting impact on every part of your professional life. Consider this business and executive coaching and consulting, with you as the CEO of your life.

How many people are joining?

The Unstuck Yourself winter Mastermind has a maximum of 5 members. The Stop Playing Small fall Mastermind has a maximum of 10 members. These numbers allow for an intimate group feeling, while ensuring your own needs are being met as an individual as well.

How many clients do you work with at a time?

I take on 2 to 3 private clients per year. This allows me to be fully present with you, while allowing me to be fully present with my family as well. I am proud to walk to talk of a healthy work-life blend and balance.

How is this different from your Private Coaching? 

Everything I offer through LWC is focused on a journey of transformation. While my yearlong private coaching contracts are finely tuned to your specific needs to walk you down the path of specific, intentional transformation unique to you, my Fall and Winter Mastermind groups are focused on growth through sacred community, shared experiences, and ongoing conscious and supportive proof as a vehicle for personal success.

Think of it as the relationship between player and coach of the whole team, versus player and quarterback coach who focuses on the minute details of performance.

Both are excellent, and my business is structured to support clients on their journey in one, two, or all three options as it aligns for them.


"Working with Leisse is one of the best investments I've ever made.

Before our work together I felt that I had hit a plateau in my self-develpoment: I had the awareness that past patterns and behaviours were no longer serving me, but I had no idea how to move forward. Our work was transformative: I loved that there were actionable steps to help me interrupt old patterns so I could make them - not just talk about them. Leisse is the true definition of a guide: she meets you exactly where you are and provides such a safe and judgemnt-free space for you to heal."

—Jocelyn, Brand Strategist, Toronto

I will leave you with this:

Can you imagine how it would feel to look back — in less than one year — and realize this was the moment that changed everything?