Hello, my name is Leisse (think: new Leisse on life), and I am obsessed with relationships.

I am a Conscious Relationship Success Coach changing the global conversation on emotional health and self-love. 

With an expertise on finding truth and beauty in the relationships we have with ourself and others, I am a passionate (and TEDx) speaker, dynamic thought leader, author, NLP practitioner, top podcast host, cancer survivor, solo parent of three girls…and taco enthusiast,

My first bestselling book, To Call Myself Beloved: a story of hope, healing, and coming home, is the self-love manifesto and guide book I was so desperately looking for to help navigate the many dramatic changes in my life, and couldn’t find. I’ve been interviewed in media including Refinery29 Canada, CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR, CTV, Elephant Journal, the Toronto Star, and Thrive Global…

…and could literally talk about human connection all day long (which I do on my podcast, How To Be a Human). Why? Because I know intimately that every relationship we have - in business, life, and love - is built on the foundation of the relationship we have with ourselves.

It would be my pleasure to help walk you home to yourself.

The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for every other relationship in your life.

In my mid 30’s, I had a life altering moment - one of those bells you can’t unring.

I was lying on the floor of my family room with my beautiful baby girls, looking at my perfect kitchen in my perfect house living my “perfect” life…and feeling suffocated by loneliness. The more I numbed this feeling out, the more I drank, the more I shopped, the more parties I threw and the more people who attended, the more lavish and perfect they got…the lonelier I became.

Lying there in loneliness, I had the painful inner self-talk moment of asking “how is this not enough for me?” Followed quickly by the terrifying realization - you know, from that inner voice that just knows what’s up - that “nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you.”

I knew in that moment that I had to make some serious decisions that would catapult some serious life changes, and ultimately called Time of Death on my perfect looking life in my perfect looking marriage - a pattern I had seen modelled in my own childhood, the illusion that everything was perfect from the outside in…but from the inside out? Wow. No.

This kind of major life realization that catalyzes a series of (what feels like) earth-shattering events is usually dismissed or flippantly referred to as a mid-life crisis - something negative that we ‘should’ seek to avoid at all costs.

That is wrong, and it’s an unfair cultural narrative.

I say this is a mid-life ascension, baby; it’s a remarkable opportunity to check in - in a profoundly honest way - to see if the life you’re living feels juicy, engaged, loving, supportive, and grounded…

…or if it feels like sleep walking on autopilot, doing things the way they’ve always been done because it’s what you’ve always known.

Don’t get me wrong, your life - for the most part - is a dream.

And then there’s that other part - that almost indescribable, undefinable part - that just feels…blocked. 



Fear of judgment
Lack of clarity
Fear of being alone
Imposter syndrome

Is it your marriage? 

Is it dating fatigue? 

Is it stagnancy in your own growth, or lack of vision? 

Is it living in this body that just doesn’t feel like your own anymore? 

Is it the disorienting feelings that come from processing (or repressing) all your childhood ‘stuff?’

Is it the desire to feel seen, held, or supported in your career - but feels more like meh? Is it the chipping away or loss of hope that comes with each and every one of those (super common) adult feelings? 

…you know - the really uncomfortable, unsettling - even painful feelings that kinda sneak up on you when you least expect it in your love life. Friendships. Family of origin. Work.

And the double whammy of why these are such uncomfortable feelings?

“It’s not supposed to feel this way.” 
It feels like you “did everything right.”
“So many people have it way worse than me…”


…so why doesn’t it feel like it’s enough?

From the outside looking in, you have. It. All.

You climbed all the right ladders, checked off all the right boxes, and you feel like you should just feel grateful for all you have and all you have done.

And still…

There’s this gut feeling—buried wayyyy deep down—that’s telling you something is off. 
It feels harder than it should to keep it all together. 

You’ve let past experiences, stories, expectations, judgments, opinions hold you back too long. There’s MORE to who you are, and you deeply desire to simply BE yourself - in every aspect of your life, and each of the relationships therein - and you can’t quiiiite put your finger on what that is - or what that looks like.

*Cue the terrifying internal dialogue:

 What if this is just how I am? 

What if there’s just no real happiness here for me?! 

Is it even possible for me to feel a different way?!?

What if…I really am broken?!?!

That’s where I come in. 

Become the Vision You Can’t Stop Dreaming About

We work together to create massive clarity, cultivate a deep confidence, embody your courage, and strengthen your connection to your Self - which enables you to strengthen your connection to everyone else - while defining and maintaining beautiful, healthy boundaries and next-level communication skills that allow you to be who you are…with a renewed skillset of actionable tools to help navigate this giant curve ball called life.

(That is a fancy way of saying “I help high achieving humans figure out their sh*t and feel more grounded in who they are.)

I’m not just another f*cking coach.

My clients are often high profile, public facing, highly accomplished humans who get to the top,only to realize it can feel a little lonely there. Often they turn around to realize there aren’t many - if any - other humans up there they feel safe or comfortable enough to trust.

Let’s face it - relationships (including friendships) are not designed to withstand this level of processing radical self-honesty with unconditional acceptance.
And that’s when people call me. I create a safe and sacred, comfortable and confidential container to feel. Your. Sh*t.

Because you have to feel it to heal it - and healing it is what brings connection, emotional intimacy, and alignment back into each and every relationship you have.

Utilizing my Master level NLP / EFT training, mindset work, VITA sex, love, relationship, and intimacy coaching certification, and the kind of wisdom that is earned and learned over a lifetime - backed up by a deep emotional intelligence and keen intuition - I help you to identify and heal the emotional blocks preventing you from finding true balance, success, and fulfillment. In your relationships with your partner, your children, your family of origin, your career…and honey? 


It’s not always pretty, it’s not always easy—but it’s always so damn worth it. 

We are talking about going down to the root of your subconscious, the stories behind the stories of why you feel the way you feel - and how to interrupt or change those painful patterns by unlearning what no longer serves you and re-learning what feels so beautifully aligned for you.

welcome home

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourself.

Next steps? Let’s talk about the “how.” Because baby? You’ve got options.

Six Month Private Mentorship

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Massive clarity
Rapid transformation

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Find Your Flow
(One Hour Call)

This is perfect for you if you’re looking for…

You are - quite frankly - a little intimidated by the commitment to either of the above, and just need a little more time to build the trust you need to leap. We use this one-time offering to shed wild insights on one very specific area of your life to help get unstuck. And if (cough, when ☺ ) you choose to move forward with either a Breakthrough Day or Mentorship? I’ll just credit your Find Your Flow Call to it.

I’m ready to be ready

Breakthrough Day Experience 

This is perfect for you if you’re looking for…

Massive clarity
Low time investment
Rapid transformation
Lasting change


Ongoing support to help navigate life and / or transition

Having wisdom on speed dial whenever you need it most

Lasting change

Feeling genuinely seen, held and supported for the better part of a year

Some call it ‘magic’… I call it ‘Emotional Alchemy’—and it works every time.


“I had been carrying around emotional baggage for over 40 years. This forced me to say things out loud that have only been in my head and admit truths that I didn’t want to face, and it also made me realize that some of the stories I was telling myself were not true.”


“I feel so free; working with Leisse has provided me with a clear path to focus on my future! I can honestly say that this is the first time in my life that I am focused 100% on now and the future and not constantly thinking of my past.”

MS, VP Corporate, Toronto


“I did my breakthrough day around my relationships and expression—in business I rock it but I still had that need to prove myself with the people I love most.”


“Since my session, I have felt the most seen and heard I’ve ever felt in my entire life and experienced the richest community and sisterhood I’ve ever felt.”

Arya, Spiritual Business Coach, Nashville


“I am usually quiet and humble about my accomplishments but she helped me to not only own them but to be loud about them!”


“Leisse has helped me to finally see myself for who I am; she met me where I was but didn’t leave me there. She leads by example and I am so grateful for my time with her.”

Nicolya, PhD and 10x Best Selling Author, Cincinnati

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