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Hi, I'm Leisse
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As the Secret Weapon of the C-Suite, I help leaders and teams get out of their own way to get results.

An Emotional Intelligence Expert with a specialized focus on change management and values-based leadership, I help you navigate chaos and change while building workplaces that people love to be in, so you can live, lead, and succeed on your terms.

Trusted by brands like Yahoo! Finance, Telus, Aviva, NPR, Global News, Entrepreneur, and Financial Times, I am known as “the Marie Kondo of your Unconscious..."

...and for my Billions fans? Think of me as your IRL Wendy Rhoades.

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Leisse Wilcox Consulting:

As an award winning speaker, Master's Certified NLP Life, Success, and Executive coach, twice-bestselling author, cancer survivor,  and mom of three, I know what it means to try and do it all at the same time and make it look easy.

I have a 100% proven track record of success coaching the entire C suite and high-achieving entrepreneurs since 2015.

Combining results-focused strategies with invaluable communication tools, I uncover and conquer the blindspots holding you back from peak performance.
I am the EI Expert you want in your corner to shake up old approaches to workplace efficiency and put people first - using practical and actionable tools to improve communication, emotional fortitude, and resilience.

Life is hard. I help make it a little easier by making you more of who you are.

When I'm not lighting up the stage, the page, or the internet, you can find me listening to Taylor Swift with my tween daughters, road-tripping for coffee with my husband, or on the couch watching HBO with my dog.

The Good, ENOUGH, Leader


My clients are

Driven, high-achieving leaders and teams who are doing it all at the same time and making it look easy.

Whether they're:

  • High-achieving leaders and executives aged 35-55, primarily women, who are driven but often struggle with imposter syndrome and self-worth.
  • Professionals in senior leadership roles across various industries, including finance, tech, healthcare, and creative sectors, dealing with high-stakes responsibilities.
  • Individuals who value integrity and personal growth, seeking to overcome self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that hinder their success.
  • Experienced professionals with 10+ years in leadership or entrepreneurial roles, facing challenges in scaling sustainably without burnout and managing complex team dynamics.
  • Goal-oriented and resilient individuals who feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities, striving to achieve financial success while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life.

Successful, high achieving, driven, and maybe just a liiittle bit perfectionist, my clients are leaders who - in the lifestyle they’ve chosen and created - very seldom have someone they feel safe or comfortable enough to openly and honestly confide in, soundboard with, and feel seen and supported…without the fear of judgment or change in the relationship dynamic. 

They’ve usually invested in therapy or other forms of coaching before…and many have reached a point of skepticism or even disenchantment in both, and are looking for something that is concrete, really works (beyond the high of a peak experience), and rejects hustle culture entirely.

They know that working with me is the ultimate investment in self-care, emotional intelligence, and mental wellbeing, and are ready to commit to an investment that closes the gap between net worth and self-worth and has a lifetime ROI.

The One Thing They All Have in Common:
A relentless drive to transform their potential into impactful leadership.

Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

Trying to raise a career while raising a family is a near impossible task:

The stakes are so high in each that there is little to no room for a regular margin of error: you literally cannot fail at either, because the consequences are just too dire.

When you are seeking not just success, but significance, ready to break through your barriers to achieve a balanced, fulfilling, and purpose-driven life, feeling like you have to do it all at the same time - and maintain the illusion of having your sh*t together the whole time - can make you feel like you are losing your mind.

it's about to get real

There is a season of life that is so overwhelming, that even in the face of privilege, it doesn't feel fair.

When you are a lifetime member of the Over Achiever Club, this is a particularly heavy burden to carry, because when you're the one everyone turns to, who do YOU turn to for support?

The top, which we know is already pretty lonely, gets lonelier still as we get stuck in the cycle of do / achieve / repeat, wondering how the hell it's possible that after checking off all the boxes, climbing all the right ladders, and doing it all perfectly, it somehow doesn't feel like enough.

There's a reason happiness tends to "dip" in our 40's:  Success Doesn’t Always Equal Fulfillment.

Chasing success can feel like pursuing a mirage or a moving target: you achieve your goals, but true fulfillment remains elusive. Success is tangible, but fulfillment is something deeper. Without knowing yourself, it's hard to determine what comes next.

What’s your purpose? Have you faced your demons? Are you nurturing your relationships and creativity? What legacy do you want to leave?

Understanding your ‘why’ is crucial to living a meaningful life. No pressure, right?

In a world where everyone has their own biases, agendas, and expectations of you, having a coach is transformative, having someone in your corner who is solely focused on your growth, providing an objective sounding board, challenging your thinking, suggesting best practices, and supporting you - without the fear of consequence when they're not your "Yes Man." Great Leaders Have Great Coaches.

As you climb higher up the ladder, the support you once relied on seems to vanish. The mentors who guided you now look to you for guidance. The structures that once provided stability are now yours to create. 

When doubts and anxieties creep in, you do your best to hide them, knowing every decision carries immense weight. With so much at stake, you need a safe space to explore your uncertainties more than ever.

When Everyone Looks to You for Answers, Who Do You Turn to When You Have Questions?

And you know what?

I have also allowed myself to recover from those wildly negative beliefs

Warmly and with gratitude


Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

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Closing the Gap Between Self Worth and Net Worth


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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will continue to direct your life and you will call it fate."