Six Month Private Mentorship

Actionable Therapy


This is the real deal.

The blessing and the curse of being a highly capable woman is that you can do. It. All. Which is exhausting – and asking for help to figure out your own, very human stuff, can feel a little vulnerable or even frightening.

Working with me one on one for six months is a really special process. It’s an honour for me to be your guide and mentor, effectively walking you home to yourself and creating the foundational framework from which you build all subsequent relationships in business, life, and love and it will most likely feel like “actionable therapy” for you. 

It’s so important to hire the coach with whom you feel a connection, because that’s a great sign that you’re going to get what exactly you need from the experience, and if you’re here - trust this as a sign, because I don’t advertise. If you “just happened to find me at the right time,” congratulations, you’re already doing “the work.”

Life can feel… meh. I know. That sounds so uninspired, and still - when you feel stuck in “sleepwalking through life” mode, “meh” actually sums it up. Especially after the year that was 2020.


The reality? Being a human is hard. 

Fostering meaningful relationships in business, life, and love can feel hard too, particularly when no one has ever taught you outright how to love. How to feel. How to communicate clear and loving boundaries…then follow through.

Does it feel like…

and also need someone to support you….but don’t know how (or who) to ask?

but - ouch - nothing really gets you excited anymore.

and you don’t want to feel ungrateful, and still – it’s as if something is just missing.

who am I? Not who am I in relation to my work, my kids, my partner…but who am I as a human being on this earth?

but what? And how? And how do you know it’s even safe to trust your intuition? 

You’ve been running in place for…how long?

You’ve been carrying the weight of supporting everyone around you…

You know there’s more out there for you…

You have, and have DONE, so much…

You’re starting to have that impending identity crisis… 

Your intuition is telling you that something needs to change…

You’ve avoided it at all costs…but the signs are getting louder and clearer every day, and you know it’s just time. 

Even if that feels a little (cough, a lot) scary, in the best way.

Congratulations, my dear. 

You are ready to really embody that version of yourself you cannot stop dreaming about…and the rich state of connections that come with it. 

Fulfilled. Happy. Successful. Whole.


In this six month private mentorship container, we get to the heart of what isn’t working in life… and start aligning your life with what will. 

Yup. 100% possible. I pinky swear.

Our partnership starts with a Breakthrough Day, and goes on to include:

A Two Hour Coaching Call

Once a month, for six months

Unlimited Voxer Support

Support via text and voice messaging, effectively having me “on retainer”in your pocket for extra support in navigating any transitions and all of the “life stuff” that naturally happens between scheduled calls

Neuro Linguistic (re)Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques

1:1 Authentic and action-oriented support for mapping out, manifesting, and managing relationships in your business, life, and love (think: ideal clients, expansive and aligned opportunities for growth, new or revived friendships, loving union and intimate partnership with yourself and another)

Complementary Human Design Reading

To help make even deeper sense of your purpose in this life

Deep Space

Held just for you with grace, compassion, and much, much laughter

This is the gift of feeling seen. Heard. Held. All while we identify, confront, 
and release the hell out of what holds you back. How’s that sound?