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I help entrepreneurial women make more money.

Together, we change your relationship with money, increase your revenue, stop playing small, and end self-sabotage so that you can run the life-centered business of your dreams. 

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1:1 Business Coaching

Change your perspective, frame of reference, and knowledge of what else is possible by identifying and changing the self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and holding patterns you have in your relationship to wealth, health, and love.

  • VIP Breakthrough Day
  • 3 Month Intensive

The Sunshine club

Curated container of 5-10 like-intentioned women who have hit the epic $100K milestone in their business, and are ready to scale in a lifestyle-friendly way...without the burnout of the hustle.


Combining the best of all coaching styles, we offer:

  • weekly 2-hour group sessions
  • monthly 1:1 coaching calls
  • bi-quarterly budgeting round table
  • urban retreat and speaking event

Inspired Speaking

Dynamic speaking for small and large groups. Specializing in emotional health and well being, integrity and resilinecy, and breaking through  the barriers of a limiting or fearful mindset. Perfect for company cultures who value inspired impact with actionable results, and supporting the holistic well-being of their employees and staff.

"Leisse was absolutely paradigm shifting. It felt like a year of therapy in an hour. She is a brilliant and captivating speaker." — Suzanne, CEO, Toronto


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Bestselling books

To Call Myself Beloved:

A Story of Hope, Healing, and Coming Home

A Story of Hope, Healing, and Coming Home is equal parts self help, memoir, and feeling like you’re cozied up on the couch with a trusted friend, this book is essential reading for anyone on the journey from self-loathe to self-love.


The Truth and Beauty of Belonging

A love letter to anyone and everyone who's ever felt the slow burning sting of being alone, and wondered what the hell to do about it - in business, life, and love.

Your dreams do not expire

Are you ready to change your relationship with money...and change your relationship with life?

Copyright 2022 Leisse Wilcox




Copyright 2022 Leisse Wilcox