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Connection is fundamental to the coach / client relationship and rapport that invites in genuine safety and vulnerability in courageously embodying the next level vision of yourself you just can’t stop dreaming about.

This is our chance - Speed Date style - to get a sense of what you’re looking for, how I can facilitate you getting there, and to feel out - intuitively - if this is a good match.

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The Vine Story

The root cause of every human relationship problem: watch this.


The hold backs, blocks, and frustrations we feel in our relationships in our work, family dynamics, friendships, and intimate partnerships…they’re all connected. When we identify the root cause and interrupt old or toxic and outdated relational patterns we heal forward to fully show up as our true selves in every aspect of our lives. 

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Hi, I’m Leisse (think: new LEISSE on life) and I am so happy and grateful that you are right here, right now. 

I am a conscious relationship expert changing the global conversation on emotional health and self love. I’m also a bestselling author, top podcast host, mom of three girls, and taco enthusiast (who is able to quote almost every line from every season of The Office).

My business is built as an extension of my own personal values of authenticity and integrity, and passion fuels every decision I make (except cleaning the fridge…which I passionately hate…so actually? It still counts).

It brings me great pride and delight to walk my own talk, lead by example, and bring my passion for cultivating truth and beauty in conscious relationships into each and every area of our life (from business, to family dynamics, friendships, and intimate partners), built on the foundation of the relationship we have with ourself.

I’m not just another f*cking coach.

Sorry not sorry.

I believe a life coach should have a life first, and healing through my own layers of life experiences have informed the education and healing modalities I pursued to blend beautifully with my own keen emotional intelligence, deep spiritual connection, and trusted intuition.

For me personally, that “earned and learned wisdom” comes from the curiosity of a life well lived - in the face of some pretty massive adversity, including childhood trauma, a painful divorce, and breast cancer, for which I have the (emotional and physical) scars to prove it.

Let me be super honest with you: I am here for the real-deal impact. 

My clients know this to be true. They tend to be high profile, celebrity or public facing women and men who get to the top - only to realize there aren’t very many people with whom you can openly share your deepest, shadowy parts without the fear of judgement in having that experience witnessed.

And there is nothing more powerful than someone bearing witness to your experience.

My clients usually have invested in coaching before, have tried different therapists, and often come to me with a bit of skepticism that “this could really work.” And then, without fail, they have the unprecedentedly grounding, insightful, and deeply healing experience of working with me one on one, and leave feeling that sense of magic that only comes from when you know, you know.

As a top Master Transformational Mindset and Success coach specializing in human connection, I offer a style of mentorship grounded in the kind of deep wisdom that only comes from lived, learned, and earned experience, backed up by a ton of research and education…and a great sense of humour.

My clients tend to also love Taylor Swift, remember the beauty and craft in creating the perfect mixed tape, and have at least one life-defining story of the relationship that shaped the person they are today; they are real life humans who appreciate the power of being seen and held in the experience of knowing in their bones that there is a lifetime of infinite possibility, that starts with the feeling of being present in “enough-ness,” even if they can’t quite put their finger on how the hell to get there. 

Which is why they call me.

I want to know what makes you think you can. 

What makes you think you can’t. 

I want to talk about relationships all day - and not just the surface level stuff. 
I want to know what you long for, what lights you up, what scares the hell out of you, what patterns or old and limiting stories and decisions you’re holding onto but can’t quite put your finger on.

I want to talk about relationships all day - and not just the surface level stuff. 

Who you are at your core without feeling the need to be defined by (or perform for) any of the other titles and accolades your high-achieving self has worked towards all this time.

I want to know what is blocking you from calling in exactly the kind of loving partnership, peaceful family, work dynamics, and playful friendships you know are possible, but can’t quite seem to find - or maintain.

I want to know who hurt you, who brought you hope, and show you how to tenderly integrate each and every one of those experiences in a safe and meaningful way, backed up by lifestyle-friendly inspired action to help you identify and release old patterns or behaviours, and inter-generational cycles to feel the joy, peace, comfort, pleasure, and FUN you are oh. So. Worthy. Of making your own.

And now here we are.

Can you love yourself enough to take this big step into the unknown, all in the pursuit of cultivating truth and beauty in the relationship you have with yourself and others?

Yes, you f*cking can. 


My top five practices that I put into place when I began the long road home to myself. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Love

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What it really feels like to get divorced

Not just another f*cking coach.

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