Find Your Flow

One Hour Call


When that fear - not intuition, but actual fear - pops up to tell you:

 “this isn’t possible, you can’t have this, you’re not even worth it, this won’t really work, you’ll spend a bunch of money and have nothing to shadow for it…” 

I recommend starting with a Find Your Flow call with me.

I get it.

And if, at the end of our call, you feel more ready to level up into a BDE or mentorship, I’ll credit you back the cost of this call, and we’ll go from there.

Committing to either the BDE or a Private Mentorship can feel like a lot, especially when you’re coming to a stranger on the internet and putting your faith in her (well manicured) hands. Find Your Flow is designed to give you rapid insights on what is happening in your life right now that just doesn’t feel quite...right. 

As is the case for literally every piece of content I create or service I offer, 
this is a safe space to be seen and tap into your own natural wisdom of what to do next.