How would earning 6 figures make you feel? Statistics show that only 25% of women who make this amount feel safe, secure and confident. Now I’m on a mission to boost this number. I’m one of the 9% who makes six figures, and I got to where I am while being a single parent and going through chemotherapy and an expensive divorce. For as long as I remember, I’ve been helping my clients increase their revenue. Even when women came to me to improve their relationship with themselves, they also increased their self-worth and net worth. And that’s why I’m here — to help you close the gap between the two. 


This episode I discuss: 


  • What first got me interested in teaching women about money. 
  • What my own journey was like as a six figure business owner. 
  • How everyone I work with increases their revenue, even if they don’t come to me for business coaching. 
  • The importance of healing our past. 


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Podcast Transcript:

 Hello, hello, and welcome to the very first episode of Loving Money, the podcast with Lisa Wilcox. This is the place to be if you share the belief that I do, that when you change your relationship to money, you change your relationship to life. And even if you don’t have that belief yet, stick around. I’m gonna show you just how true that is in our time together.

For some of you, this is gonna be a welcome, like, welcome into my world. Welcome into my voice, welcome into my show. For some of you, this is gonna feel more like a welcome back because I’ve had two podcasts before. In those podcasts. I talk to a lot about relationships, self-love, self-love being the foundation of every other relationship we have in our life.

A better way of saying that is literally every relationship we have in our life is built on the foundation of the relationship we have with ourself. So in my previous podcast, I talked a lot about our relationship to others. Based on that relationship that we have with ourself and how to change one, we’re really cultivate a better relationship with yourself.

If you have the intention of cultivating better relationships across your life, I hosted those podcasts as part of my strategic life coaching business. And then something really interesting happened in my life, which dramatically affected my business. About a year and a half ago, I met a wonderful man and everything changed.

It felt like all those old stories and focal points about. Intimate relationships in particular that I really had this burning desire to talk about and interview people on, and really share all of that gathering of information. It kind of felt complete. It felt like I had fulfilled a mission in my own life purpose.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this when you’ve been, you know, let’s say chasing a goal or fulfilling a purpose for so long, and then you get there and you’re like, oh. It did it. Now what? Well, if you know that feeling, you know, it can be kind of terrifying because it felt like I had to just change direction.

And so I did after I asked myself, you know, being in that startling position of. What’s next? I was in a mastermind. I joined a mastermind and it’s full of coaches and like top coaches from across the world. So I’ve met some really interesting people and made some pretty fantastic connections in this group.

I was chatting with my colleague and now good friend Kathy Crawford, who’s a coach from New York, and I don’t even remember the context, but she just happened to drop into conversation casually. That only 9% of women will ever hit the six figure ceiling and they’re in their income, and I was gobsmacked.

How could that honestly be possible? Only 9% of women will ever make a hundred thousand dollars or more. I couldn’t believe that to be true. I researched it and it turns out it is. It is. It is shockingly true. I posted a story to my Instagram where real to my Instagram feed, and I feel like that one statistic almost broke the internet when I shared it.

Only 9% of women will ever hit a hundred thousand dollars or more in their career. Now, that’s shocking enough on its own, but when you juxtapose that against the reality that. There’s a, a thing called like a, what’s called the happiness quotient, where some smart researching folks have studied how much we really need to be happy, how much money we need to be happy.

And in North America, that number usually hovers around $80,000. And what that means, like how does $80,000 buy you happiness? It means that at the 80 K mark. Your needs are pretty well met, like your basic needs. If we think of the Maslow’s hierarchy of of needs, your needs for safety, shelter, security, basic physiology, food, nutrition, water, those needs are met.

Plus you have a little bit extra, so it’s like your basic needs are taken care of and you get to go on a trip once a year, that kind of thing. $80,000, that’s the minimum that we’re talking about to be. Happy, quote unquote. So if only 9% of women ever get to a hundred thousand dollars, that means that most women are really struggling financially.

The other shocking reality is that a lot of stockbrokers won’t take you on as a client unless you’re making a hundred thousand dollars or more. So all of a sudden, this wealth creation issue has a very feminist lens to it because if only 9% of women. Are gonna make a hundred k plus. And if stockbrokers can only take you on it as a client, if you have at least a hundred K to invest, that means that almost all women are being excluded from building wealth.

That system feels just impossibly broken to me. When I did a little more research and a little more digging, cuz keep in mind I was doing this research in the context of, hmm. Relationships kind of feel complete to me. So what am I gonna really focus my business on? What am I gonna focus my strategic life coaching business with a focus on results if we’re kind of moving away from the relationship context?

So as I was digging, I found a study by lvat, and if you don’t follow lves, I would highly recommend following them on all your, um, social media channels, particularly Instagram. And in this LVES study, I found that their research showed. Only 75% of women who actually do make multiple six to seven figures in their life feel safe, secure, and confident in their money.

And that also blew my mind. So already we have very few women hitting that six figure mark, and only 25% of the women who do hit that mark and then surpass it. Only 25% of them. Actually feel safe, secure, confident, and comfortable in their money. So this light bulb went off in my brain and it was like, you know, one of those aha, lightning bolt moments where I just, I was kind of sitting here probably in this exact room, and it was like this light bulb went off.

And I just kind of had this awareness that I’m gonna help women make more money. Period. You know, I was able to break through the six figure ceiling on my own in my business, and even hit the multiple six figure domain as an anomaly. I’m one of those 9%, and I did that. I, I know money is taboo. For somebody listening, this might feel really shocking that I’m sharing this information, this transparently.

But this is how we move the needle, or this is how we move the dial. We actually have these conversations in an open, vulnerable, honest, and transparent way. That’s the only way that we change our situation is by first drawing our awareness and attention to it and naming it. So again, I’m gonna share, I have been able to create a multiple six figure business, and I did that while I was single.

While I was solo parenting my three girls while I was navigating a financially abusive divorce and while I was dealing with cancer, including aggressive chemotherapy treatments, full hair loss, a complete and radical body altering surgery. I did it. I built this incredible business. While I was navigating all of that, I wrote a couple of bestselling books in there and fresh off the heels of all of those traumatic experiences kind of looking forward into this healing lens.

We got it with a pandemic followed by a global economic recession. So not only does it feel like a massive win that I was able to. Hit this economic figure, this revenue figure period in my life as a woman. But I did that while staring down the barrel of phenomenal adversity, like phenomenal adversity.

And I’m really, really, really proud of my success, both my material success and of course my emotional success that had me like, Pilot that plane in a way that was very conscious of preserving and even bolstering my mental and emotional health. So after I had this light bulb and I looked kind of more self reflectively at the massive success statistically that I had accomplished, I started to look back over my client history.

And I’ll be really real with you. I will always be real with you. By the way, if you’re new to this little corner of the internet, I’ll always be real with you. Integrity is. My core and guiding principle, and I don’t really understand the need to put on airs or put on masks, I’m just gonna tell you as it is and stand in the truths that I have experienced the very, very best of my ability.

So I was looking back over my client history and I realized that literally no one came to me with the clear, overt intention of making more money. However, Interestingly, almost every single time, quote unquote, making more money was a byproduct of having worked with me in my own client case study analysis.

Women came to me for business coaching, life coaching, brand coaching, book coaching, family or parenting coaching, relationship coaching, marriage coaching, dating coaching, just straight up relationship coaching across the board, and still one of those unplanned outcomes of working with me almost always was an increase in revenue and income.

And so I thought to myself, hot damn. We are really onto something here. Part of my private client retainer is a V I P Breakthrough Day experience that I offer, meaning we literally sit together over Zoom for a full day and we do a really comprehensive deep dive into one relational area of your life. We do that at the very beginning of working together, and almost once a quarter thereafter, we just sit down for this six hour period and.

Really we break through one of those specific relational areas in your life that could be intimacy, could be family or parenting dynamics, could be your relationship to spirituality, to your body, to your health, to your business, to your partner, to your money. I started offering this money v i p breakthrough day experience to my clients to really deep dive into the relationship we have with money, which we don’t usually think about our relationship to money in that way.

We usually think of money as a transactional tool. I. But whether you like it or not, we definitely have this relationship to money. So I started this breakthrough day there in that area, and by far the money breakthrough days were the most powerful, empowering, insightful, and impactful v I P days that I could offer.

And it was like I had, you know, the usual suspects. It’s probably politically incorrect to use this as an example now because of what came out of what Kevin Spacey, but I had one of those usual suspect Kaiser Soce moments when you realize it was Kevin Spacey all along and the information had been in front of you the whole time.

I had one of those women had come to me ultimately working to heal and improve the relationship to their self. And when we did that, what we actually did, we were increasing their self worth, and when we increased their self worth, we were able to increase their net worth as well. And so that light bulb, it got even brighter, and now it was like radiating.

It was like that filament in the bulb was just like beaming and exploding out at me. I thought to myself, if I can help women close the gap or even narrow that gap substantially between their self-worth and their net worth, I can help some make more money. Why? Because it’s almost never about the money.

And it’s almost always about feelings of self-worth, worthiness, not good enough. Being a perfectionist, an over-functioner, it’s about overcoming the wounding that happened in our early childhood. And I gotta tell you, if I’m an expert in one thing, outside of finding the best tacos, hands down, almost state by state, it is healing the wounding of our past.

Welcome to Loving Money. Here, I will show you just by this, you know, little communication, whether you’re watching it on YouTube, whether you’re just new here on Instagram, LinkedIn, or if you’re driving in your car, cleaning your house, and listening to this as a podcast, I’m gonna show you very clearly that when you change your relationship to money, you change your relationship to life.

And I am so happy and grateful that you are here joining me in this experience. You can follow along, at least Wilcox, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, on YouTube, on Pinterest, and of course at my website, lee That’s the place too. You will find how to work with me, not only privately, but in my Epic Sunshine Club Mastermind.

It’s a mastermind designed for women who are making a hundred thousand dollars or more, and who want to double that? What we do in our 10 months together through group calls and private calls, uh, one-on-one with me, we heal your relationship to money, double your income, and give you permission to finally stop playing small.

I’m also working on a digital offering that allows you to come and get a taste of what it’s like to work with me without committing all the way to one of my three month intensives. My six to 12 month private retainers or this 10 month mastermind. In any case, I hope you’ll join me and I’m so excited for what’s about to happen for you in your life.

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