Breakthrough Day Experience

One Day. Epic Shift.Lasting Transformation.

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An unparalleled healing experience that feels like six months of actionable therapy - in one day.

And still…

From the outside looking in, you have. It. All.

You climbed all the right ladders, checked off all the right boxes, and you feel like you just just feel grateful for all you have and all you have done.

There’s this gut feeling—buried deep, deep down—that’s telling you something’s off. 

Something feels stuck, and unclear. You can’t quite put your finger on it…but it’s feeling increasingly harder and blurrier than it should to keep it all together. Have you let past experiences, stories, judgements, and beliefs hold you back too long? Is there MORE to who you are? Is it even possible to feel something past the threshold of how you feel - and have felt - for so long?

Yes. Like, HELL yes.


Become the Vision 
You Can’t Stop Dreaming About

It’s not always pretty, it’s not always easy…but it is always so damn worth it. Some call it ‘magic’… I call it ‘Emotional Alchemy’—and it works every time.

In your Breakthrough Day Experience, we will:

Create a safe, trusting, and sacred container for you to be seen, heard, and held in your truth without fear of judgement or repercussion. 

There is literally nothing you can say that will cause me to reject, project, judge, dismiss, or dislike you in any way: this is a beautiful and confidential container for you to have someone vested in your emotional health and wellbeing, and success in all relationships, bear powerful witness to your experience; the good, the not so good, and every shadowy or seemingly unrelated part in between.

Dive deep into your values and figure out at your core —

like that soul level foundation - what makes you feel completely in flow and alignment with who you are as an individual. Using your unique values as a metric for what feels f*cking great for you, specifically, we start to create the scaffolding on what do date has felt so icky, simply because it’s been out of alignment with who you are.

Identify and heal the story behind the story. 

Our actions and behaviours are governed by our thoughts and feelings, which are in turn governed by our deeply held subconscious beliefs. And what are those governed by? What is the program running in the background causing the discomfort, uncertainty, lack of confidence, and fear? I know how to find this out for you, specifically…and how to teach your brain to process and reintegrate this in a different way, that makes you feel a deep internal sense of grounded peace and calm. It sounds kind of sci fi, I know, but it feels like a guided meditation, and is remarkably freeing.

Explore your story and identify negative or repeating patterns in your relationships. 

This part feels more like “traditional” talk therapy. Simply chatting (over Zoom), I have a bunch of questions that I bet no one has ever asked you - or even given you permission to ask yourself - before. One of my superpowers is to listen to the answers behind the answers: what aren’t you saying? What are you saying in between the lines? How does it all connect? Informed by my professional experience and education, and guided by deeply rooted intuitive wisdom and EQ, this becomes an opportunity to get big picture clarity and context in exactly what you want, and what still feels scary about receiving it.

Define measurable outcomes to use as a metric of your own definition of success. 

Much emotional health and growth work can either feel too esoteric, or even ethereal in nature; together we clearly define what success feels like to you, so that as you move through this rapid period of transformation, you are able to look at exactly what you’ve accomplished…and celebrate those wins accordingly.

Release the pain of your past.

Using Master-level Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom TIME (EFT) Techniques, we are able to do some next level healing. I am talking generational and cellular wounds that have been passed all the way down to you. In what feels like a series of guided meditations, we are able to identify specific events that present as coure wounds; without relieving them in any capacity, we are able to gently learn which lessons those moments brought you, and hold onto the memory while safely letting go of the pain or negative emotions. Sometimes this leads us to an inner child exploration, which is a beautifully nurturing and healing modality.

Visualize and embody your new identity. 

Wildly, by this point in the day, the things that felt so murky and problematic feel as if they’ve melted away - you truly have to feel this to believe it because I know, it sounds too good to be true. It really is JUST this good. Now that we’ve born witness to and healed your holistic experience of the past and created some inspired action planning for the achievement of your own measurable success, we create a vision statement of the version of yourself you can’t stop dreaming about…and end the day with a guided embodiment mediation, and bespoke tarot card reading to fully step into who you have always been…even if it didn’t feel possible at the time.

Follow up with two additional hour-long private calls, one and two months after the fact. 

The Breakthrough Day Experience is like creating and stepping into a second skin; the follow up calls are designed to figure out the little kinks and idiosyncrasies that come up in adjusting to that second skin. Stretching out the calls over a two month window provides an additional level of feeling supported in your path to self love, self acceptance, and creating the beautiful relationships in business, life, and love you have been yearning for.

The Breakthrough Day effectively walks you home to yourself and creates the 
foundational framework from which you build all subsequent relationships in 
business, life, and love — it will most likely feel like “actionable therapy” for you.