Hi, I'm Leisse

I help women make more money, period.

As a strategic business coach, two-time bestselling author, podcast host, and inspired speaker, I help you end self-sabotage so that you can change your relationship to money, increase your revenue, and finally stop playing small.

As a survivor of financial abuse, cancer, and solo parent of three girls, I bring a depth of experience and breadth of earned wisdom that can't be taught, backed up by an insatiable thirst for learning and sharing.

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Leisse Wilcox Consulting is

My goal is always to provide an offer suite for every phase of the entrepreneurial journey as a woman-owned business.

At every touch point, my services are centered around the business, branding, and marketing coaching I've always searched for but never quite found in one place. 

Watching my clients experience real-time transformation, then sitting at the family table with my partner and three daughters to look them in the eye and know that I had a genuine impact on someone’s life today, is my greatest metric of success - even surpassing the pride of building my own multiple six-figure business in the face of back-to-back adversity.

I am obsessed with women-owned businesses - and cannot wait to have a front row and strategic advisory seat bearing witness to what you are uniquely capable of building.

Charge what YOU'RE WORTH

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My clients are

Bright, creative, motivated entrepreneurial women who believe that passion and profit can co-exist

Whether they're:

  • Getting into the six-figure CEO mindset
  • Celebrating their first $100K milestone
  • En route to sustainably scale to multiple six + seven-figure revenues
  • Looking for a community of other like-valued women
  • Elevating their confidence, leadership, + ability to balance the C-Suite life... clients have one singular thing in common:

They believe in the power of their own potential.

Successful, high achieving, driven, and maybe just a liiittle bit perfectionist, my clients are women who - in the lifestyle they’ve chosen and created - very seldom have someone they feel safe or comfortable enough to openly and honestly confide in, soundboard with, and feel seen and supported…without the fear of judgment or change in the relationship dynamic. 

They’ve usually invested in therapy or other forms of coaching before…and many have reached a point of skepticism or even disenchantment in both, and are looking for something that is concrete, really works (beyond the high of a peak experience), and rejects hustle culture entirely.

They know that working with me is the ultimate investment in self-care, like therapy for their brand and business, and are ready to commit to an investment that closes the gap between net worth and self-worth and has a lifetime ROI.

Nothing will be enough for you until you are enough for you

Despite the reality that my father was a physician and spent several years as chief of staff at our local hospital, there was never enough at home for me:

From my pre-teen years on, I worked at least two jobs, was required to pay for my own clothes, haircuts, social life, and the lion's share of my university education. My half-sisters, in the meantime, went to private schools, rode horses competitively on the weekends, didn't work, and were treated to cars and cell phones in their teens - as well as a savings account and full post-secondary education.

My why

I remember my dad reading the daily newspaper (remember those?), and sharing aloud the Sunshine List: an annual list published with the names of every public servant who made $100K or above.

I remember thinking what a cool feeling it would be to have my name on the Sunshine List - while simultaneously shutting that thought down because I didn't believe it could be possible for me to make anywhere close to $100K.

The clear and resounding messages I grew up with danced between “you just aren't worth it,” “you're not good enough,” and “you do not matter.”
And when someone tells you something enough times, you start to believe it.

Amongst the decades of emotional, mental, and financial abuse I experienced in our perfect-from-the-outside family life, I developed more than a few toxically limiting beliefs about my self-worth, self-esteem, core capabilities, and potential.

Those beliefs informed my decision-making well into adulthood and affected the jobs (and pay) I chose, the caliber of relationships I pursued, and the vision I had for my existence -which was to say, small.

Why air this dirty laundry? Because sunshine is the best antiseptic. 

Each of us has a deeply dark and shadowed side of our relationship to money - present company included - and it's critical for me that you know I have walked through the fire and come out the other side not burned, but shining.

  • I allowed employers dressed head to toe in couture pay me less than the standard of living.
  • I allowed smooth-talking snake oil salesmen of partners to promise me the moon, then disappear with my cash and then some.
  • I have allowed myself to swing the pendulum way too far back the other way and overspend with reckless abandon (hello, $12,000 on vintage jackets in a year), and spend months paying off the debt.

For years, I allowed the stories and beliefs other people told me to be true about myself to dictate my actions, behavior, and internalized self-loathing:

And you know what?

I have also allowed myself to recover from those wildly negative beliefs

I have allowed myself to transform that pain into purpose, overcome all odds in building a multiple six-figure business doing what I f*cking love - while solo parenting three kids, navigating the trauma of divorce, and dealing with cancer.

I have allowed myself to change my relationship with moneydramatically increase my revenue, and finally stop playing small.

I believe you can too. And I can show you how. 

This is not meant as aspirational porn. This is not putting hustle culture on a pedestal.

This is not ignoring the very true reality that despite my own circumstances, I am still a white, cisgender, able-bodied woman who grew up in an upper middle-class family whose expectations were to finish high school and pursue higher education.

It's meant to invite you into the world of possibility that allows you to change your relationship to money and change your relationship to life.

Because when you close the gap between your self-worth and net worth, that's exactly what happens: your life begins to change, on the inside and on the outside.

I help women make more money.

As a strategic and results-focused business coach, I am passionate about empowering women to believe in and trust themselves, their purpose, and their passion to defy the odds stacked against them, and strategically pursue the life that lights them up.

When you have everything you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence. 

Welcome to my table, the one that has a $100K seat at it with your name on it.

Warmly and with gratitude


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Closing the Gap Between Self Worth and Net Worth


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