Private Coaching, Consulting, and Mentorship

Working with me privately is a transformative experience that changes your perspective, frame of reference, and knowledge of what else is possible. I specialize in helping you identify the self sabotage, limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome you have had in the relationships to what is most important to you.

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Welcome to Your Transformation

Imagine what your life could look like one year from now

My signature method is a 12-month and results-focsed process bespoke to you that combines strategic life coaching and deep, profound therapy for you to fully transform your self sabotage in the cornerstone areas of your life, with a 100% success rate and a lifetime ROI.

Client Feedback

“I’ve had business and personal coaches over the years - and they’ve been excellent. But I’ve always felt like there was something deeper that my heart was longing for…and working with Leisse was it."

Catherine / Lawyer, Colorado

What i do

I help people fulfill their soul’s purpose. 

It is that simple, it is that complicated.

I know what it feels like when, from the outside looking in, you have it all:

you’ve climbed all the right ladders,

checked off all the right boxes,

and somehow, life just doesn’t feel how it’s “supposed to.”

You want to just feel grateful for all you have and all you have done, and still…there’s this gut feeling you can’t shake that’s telling you something is missing, and it’s getting harder to keep it all together. 


You know there’s more to who you are, there’s a well of untapped and purposeful potential that feels missing between the gap of your net worth and self worth. You deeply desire to simply BE yourself - in every aspect of your life, and each of the relationships therein - and you can’t quite put your finger on what that is, what that looks like, or what’s next. 


You’ve let past experiences, stories, expectations, judgments, and fears hold you back, keeping you stuck and trapped in playing small for too long. You’ve hit that midlife inflection point of making soe critical decions about how you want to truly live, and you know in your gut it’s time to confront those limiting blocks and belief of 


Fear of judgment



Lack of clarity

Fear of being alone

Imposter syndrome




You know you’re ready to stand up to your inner critic and the sometimes terrifying internal dialogue that “this is not enough,” you just don’t know how. You’ve been to therapy and have even tried coaching in the past - but neither has been able to meet you where you are and take you further. In fact you sometimes find yourself in the position of feeling like you’re the one offering adivcie to your coach or therapist, leaving you wondering if this is just how life is: unfulfilling, and stuck in seemingly unbreakable repeating patterns of dissatisfaction.


That’s where I come in

I help you find and fulfill your soul’s purpose, so that you can become the version of yourself you can’t stop dreaming of.


How do I know what your soul’s purpose is? 

I don’t.

But I am a leading expert in guiding you through life transitions, integrating their highest potential without self sabotaging self and their life and everything they love. And that is the path that does the work of finding and fulfilling your deeper purpose, in a container that feels like high impact and actionable therapy.

Client Feedback

"I love simplicity. I remember asking, "can it really be this simple?" and her answer with that hearty laugh of hers was, "yes, it can be that simple. Leisse gave me tools that made a notable shift in my life on the first day of our private sessions. She listened, she heard, and downloaded information that I put to use the minute we ended our call. Leisse isn't just sunshine and butterflies. She dives into the hard stuff and helps you find a way to move freely toward the good stuff."

Jake / Juno Award Winning Musician, Atlanta

My clients are

Bright / Driven / accomplished / high profile / public facing / Empathic / Compassionate / Integrity-focused

My clients are people, who have

Overcome huge transitions and obstacles

Earned their strength and resilience

Struggled with perfectionism and codependency

Battled burnout, overwhelm, and dissatisfaction

Felt unsure about what comes next, or how to get there



And my clients know that they are

Done with playing small

made for more

Ready to unleash their fullest potential

Co-creators of their life

Wanting the guidance that will take them to their own next level

ready to go all in on their investment in themselves


My clients are people who “did everything right” and got to the top, only to be shocked by the realization that it can feel a little lonely and unfulfilling up there. Often they turn around to realize there aren’t many - if any - other humans up there they feel safe or comfortable enough to trust.


Let’s face it - our personal relationships (including most marriages and friendships) are not designed to process and withstand this level of radical self-honesty, unconditional acceptance, intuitive wisdom, and strategic planning. 


That’s why people call me

I create a safe and sacred, comfortable and confidential container for you to be seen, heard, cared for, and challenged to go deeper than you’ve gone before, so you can truly embody your own unique expansion.


We work together to create massive clarity, cultivate a deep confidence, embody your courage, and strengthen your connection to your Self (which enables you to strengthen your connection to everyone else) while defining and maintaining beautiful, healthy boundaries and next-level communication skills that allow you to be who you are…with a renewed skillset of actionable tools to help navigate this giant curve ball called life.


Using my

Master level NLP / EFT training

Master Mindset and Success certification

Trauma informed healing modalities

Inner child and somatic healing



Specialites in intimacy and abundance coaching

Breathwork certification

Finely tuned intuition

Deep emotional intelligence

40+ years of earned wisdom

Authenticity and integrity 

No BS approach

I help you to identify and heal the limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, and self-sabotaging patterns that have to date prevented you from finding what it is you say you want:





Emotional wealth


In your relationships with your partner, money, children, family of origin, career…and yourself.

Client Feedback

"Before working with Leisse, my personal and professional lives were like a never-ending 100-meter dash. The tools and techniques Leisse used to support my transformation allowed me to let go of years of internalized anger and self-doubt. I feel so free of the emotional baggage I had been carrying around for years, which has provided me a clear path to focus on my future; it was truly life-changing." 

Michele, VP Energy Services Toronto

The Approach

My approach is based on these five phases of our lives:

1. "The Thing" that happened.

2. The feelings and emotional impact left behind from "The Thing" that happened.

3. Using numbing agents (including work, sex, booze, overspending) to disconnect from the feelings and emotional impact left behind from "The Thing" that happened.

4. The process of genuine reconnecting with ourselves to feel and heal from "The Thing" that happened and the emotional impact left behind.

5. The experience of complete peace and freedom, and contentment.


The method I use explores which phase you are in, and which one you’d like to be in.

The Method

In our work together, we go all in by getting to the heart of what isn’t working, examining the the stories behind the stories, finding out what purpose they have served, how you want to feel, and re-learning the patterns and beliefs that will get you there. Not in a short term dopamine high, but for long-lasting change and transformation.


Together we become a team, focused entirely on your happiness, well-being, success, and everything else that is important to you, in an actionabaly therapeutic process besoke to you specifically.


The entire purpose is to get you (back) into alignment with what feels good in your soul, and allows you to live the life you were made for.

The Process

Click the plus signs below to learn more about each phase of our 12-month coaching experience.

The Commitment

If it were easy, everyone would do it. Working with me one-to-one is a 12 month commitment to yourself. When you sign on to work with me, you are committing to your transformation, and to showing up fully for everything that our 12-month container includes.


Your 12 Month Transformation Includes:

✔️ 3 Clarity + Context Breakthrough Days

✔️ 24 bi weekly 60 - 90 minute calls

✔️ Unlimited text / vm / video support in between

✔️ Access to my client video library


The prerequisite to working with me is the unwavering feeling that you were made for more, and you’re willing to do what it takes to unleash that true self, and fulfill your soulful purpose - even if you don’t know what that is, or how


This is NOT for you if you are looking for a:

  • quick fix
  • surface level look at your life and lifestyle
  • Strictly structured or algorithmic one-size-fits-all approach

The Investment

Working with me privately is an energetic, time, and financial investment into your self, family, emotional health & wealth, business, partnership, well being, and future. When you are ready to go all in on yourself, I am ready to go all in with you, too. 


Time investment:

  • 3 full-day sessions (once a quarter)
  • 24 bi weekly 60 - 90 minute calls
  • 12 months of intentional commitment to your transformation, utilizing the resources available (unlimited text/vm/video support in between meetings, and access to the client video library).

Financial investment:

I work with three clients per year, often by referral. Click below to schedule a chemistry call to see if we are a good fit for each other, and to discuss your financial  investment.


You have questions, I have answers. Click the plus signs below to see my answers to frequently asked questions.

Client Feedback

"Working with Leisse is one of the best investments I've ever made. Before our work together I felt that I had hit a plateau in my self-develpoment: I had the awareness that past patterns and behaviours were no longer serving me, but I had no idea how to move forward. Our work was transformative: I loved that there were actionable steps to help me interrupt old patterns so I could make them - not just talk about them. Leisse is the true definition of a guide: she meets you exactly where you are and provides such a safe and judgemnt-free space for you to heal."

Jocelyn, Brand Strategist, Toronto

I will leave you with this

When you are ready to go all in on your life, I am ready to go there with you and make the whole thing easier — and a lot more fun.

Copyright 2022 Leisse Wilcox




Copyright 2022 Leisse Wilcox